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Getting to Node.JS Nirvana
Node.JS Nirvana

Node.js Nirvana a multi-speaker Node.js event held at Microsoft in April 2012. Videos, demos on Node.JS, Microsoft Azure and NodeJS, Cloud9 IDE !

Using Node.js with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform

Matt Harrington, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft will talk about using Node.js with the open source and officially supported Azure SDK.

My First Node.js Program & Modules You Can Take for Granted

Mikeal Rogers, Node.js core contributor will walk you through the first node program he ever wrote. His talk will give you insight as to where node.js’ priorities are, and how node solves many programming problems. Next, Mikeal will give you an overview of some of the more widely used modules on GitHub.

Getting Started with Node.js with Bruno Terkaly of Microsoft

Bruno Terkaly kicks off Getting to Node.js Nirvana a multi-speaker Node.js event held at Microsoft in April 2012.

He’ll kick off with a quick example of generating dynamic content that is consumed by a web browser. Bruno will also address some strength and weaknesses relating to NodeJS single threaded architecture, demo TCP-based architectures and how to work with basic socket communications.

Finally he’ll demo a chat server written in Node.JS and a client app written in C# will be created using multi-threaded programming techniques.

How Node.js Enables Concurrency with Matt Pardee of Cloud9 IDE

Matt Pardee, from Cloud9, will break down Cloud9 IDE’s architecture and show how Node.js is powering one of the most sophisticated Web applications today.

April 21, 2012

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