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Node.js at Gigaom Structure Conference

Dave Rosenberg, CEO, Nodeable and Jason Hoffman, Founder and CTO, Joyent talk about Node.js framework, the way they use Node, Node.js future use, …


Dave Rosenberg from Nodeable


About Nodeable : is a Big data analytics for cloud systems and services company, Nodeable collects and analyzes the data from your connected systems in real-time to find the trends, anomalies, and causality of events that impact your business.

Jason Hoffman from Joyent Cloud

Hoffman said: Node.js is ideal for server-side app development. As for those who want to complain, Hoffman said that those people should try to work within the community to improve Node. However he said that while Joyent created it, running business that supports a compiler or run time isn’t a great business.

He also added: Node.js had a role to play embed in devices and not only on the web!

About Gigaom Structure Conference

Cloud Finds its Structure (June 20-21, 2012 / San Francisco, CA):The 5th annual Structure conference brings together the leaders innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing evolution in the technology industry – cloud computing. The shift to the cloud isn’t just a change in the way IT is organized and delivered, but is also the impetus for a new way of building chips, servers, networking and the other building blocks of the computing industry.

June 24, 2012

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