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Node.js Debian package for ARMv5 is a self hosted platform on Seagate DockStar … I’ll be pleased to have somebody compiling and providing a Debian .deb for node.js armel! Anyway I’ll do it by myself.

Purpose of the Debian NodeJS ARMv5t package

Debian package for node.js v0.8.14 armel for ARMv5t kirkwood. This kind of ARM processor take place in Seagate Dockstar, PlugComputer, …

Setup the Node.js armel package

Copy .deb file on your device, and :

dpkg -i nodejs_0.8.14~squeeze_armel.deb

How I built kirkwood Debian node.js package?

I’ve unpacked Chris Lea .deb files for node.js and npm packages, replaced node binary and then rebuild the package.

You can download nodejs debian package for ARMv5 on GitHub. Feel free to comments and retweet !

November 05, 2012

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